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If Muslims don’t get reservations, threat to TRS Govt. in 2017 – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: BCs Commission should review the backwardness of the Muslim and present a comprehensive and comparative report to the Govt. for reservations to Muslims. If BCs Commission presents its report on the basis of the recommendations of Sudhir Commission, reservations will have to face legal complications in courts. The Muslims of Telangana are very backward and they are very much disappointed. Despite the recommendations of BCs Commission, if reservations are not provided, TRS Govt. will have to face the wrath of Muslims in 2017. The situation might be worse before the general elections of 2019.

These free and frank representations were made by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while meeting the chairman of BCs Commission yesterday. He submitted the copies of the judgments of the courts pronounced earlier and made it clear that the manner in which BCs Commission is proceeding to prepare its report, will not stand in courts. He also submitted 10000 written representations and 38,437 emails to BCs Commission. These representations were sent by various individuals and organizations belonging to districts to the office of Siasat Urdu Daily.

The Chairman of the Commission and other members expressed their delight on receiving such large number of representations. This proof that it is the result of the massive campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily to create awareness to muster support for 12% reservations for Muslims. People associated themselves with the campaign started by Siasat Urdu Daily.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan advised the commission not to make haste in taking a decision. The recommendations of the commission should be free from all the legal complications. Sudhir Commission of Inquiry reviewed educational, economic and social backwardness of the Muslims. If BCs Commission submits its recommendations only on the basis of Sudhir Commission’s report, Supreme Court will easily grant stay order. Instead of deciding the backwardness of the Muslims sitting in Hyderabad, BCs Commission should visit the districts of Telangana and also review the status of other BCs. He questioned the commission on what basis it is going to submit its recommendations? How is the commission going to prove that the Muslims are more backward than other BCs.

Chairman of the Commission, Mr. B. S. Ramulu clarified that Sudhir Commission has encompassed the backwardness of SCs, STs and BCs. Mr. Amer Ali Khan, however made it clear that Sudhir Commission of Inquiry has mentioned the backwardness of other communities in a cursory manner whereas it was its responsibility to review the backwardness of he Muslim in a comprehensive way.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan mention that there are reports that the TRS Govt. intends to get report from BCs Commission as early as possible to present it in the Assembly and also to send it to Central Govt. This method not favorable for providing reservation to Muslims. Muslim community is very much depressed. If reservations are not given, TRS Govt. will have to face the wrath of the Muslims in 2017 itself. Mr. Amer Ali Khan opposed the move to refer the matter to Central Govt. He informed that the issues pertaining 4 % reservations of our state and 69% reservations of Tamil Nadu Govt. are pending with the this Supreme Court. He made a reference to the judgment pronounced by A.P High Court on 8th February 2010 in which the court had raised objections that the commission had visited only 6 districts and presented its report. The Court observed that how can the commission decide the backwardness of the Muslims by visiting only a few districts. The Court had also made objections on the Survey made by the commission. The Court also observed that the commission had finished public hearing only in 9 days.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan suggested that the recommendations of the BCs Commission should be free from all the defects. He cited an example that if only one person takes part in race how can it be decided that who is first and who is second whereas no other person participate in the race. In the same manner, BCs Commission cannot arrive at a decision without comparing the backwardness of otehr communities. Even if it takes 6 months, the commission should visit the districts, otherwise stay order could easily be granted by High Court. People have high hopes with the CM and BCs Commission. If they are not satisfied, the situation might become worse for TRS Govt. in 2017. In 2019, it might be further deteriorated. Chairman of the Commission and members assured Mr. Amer Ali Khan taht they would review the arguments put forth by Mr. Amer Ali Khan and all these suggestions would be taken into consideration before the submission of the final report.

–Siasat News