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Muslims, Gau Rakshaks joined to protest ‘jhatka’ chicken served at KFC

Muslims, Gau Rakshaks joined to protest ‘jhatka’ chicken served at KFC

Bhopal: A group of Muslims and Hindus come together against popular global fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) accusing it for hurting religious sentiments.

As per Hindustan Times reports, Muslims accused the multi-national fast food restaurant of serving ‘Jhatka’ chicken or meat in the name of ‘halal chicken’, whereas Hindus have joined the protests to save cows.

On Friday, a joint group of protesters assembled at Iqbal Maidan and has launched a signature campaign demanding a “KFC-free India” and had collected signatures of 50,112 persons.

Bhopal based journalist Anam Ibrahim, leading the campaign, said KFC is duping customers by serving non-halal chicken and using fake Halal certificates.

KFC must bring into the open, if it was selling jhatka or halal meat, what meat it was, and if it had any certificate in this regard.

“If they are transparent, we don’t have any problem. Then the option will lie with the consumers if they wish to have the kind of meat offered by KFC with a declaration,” added another protester.

On the other hand, Arun Chawariya of Balmiki Samaj joined the protests to save cows.

“We will continue our campaign till KFC closes its chain in the country,” he was quoted saying to the Hindustan Times.

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KFC spokesperson denied the charges, saying, “KFC holds the highest respect for the law of the land and complies with all government rules and regulations. These accusations are baseless and seem to be driven with malicious intent to harm our brand.”

“We serve chicken sourced from reputed Indian suppliers like Venky’s and Godrej. We are always willing to provide consumers any clarifications they may require on the food served in our restaurants. We will be approaching the authorities to investigate this false propaganda and take appropriate action against those spreading misinformation,” the spokesperson said.