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Muslims and Hindus come together for Sahr at Borabanda

Muslims and Hindus come together for Sahr at Borabanda
Photo Courtesy: TOI

Hyderabad: Nearly 200 to 300 people are served Sahr (pre-dawn meal) every night at Borabanda. Meal is prepared from 50 kg rice, 10 kg chicken along with vegetables and daal. Volunteers including women – two Hindus and one Christian _ serve the meal to the people.

As reported by TOI, Deputy Mayor Baba Fasihuddin oversees the arrangements. Street is swept and a carpet is laid in the middle for people to sit and do Sahr. Fasihuddin says they wanted to do something different this Ramadan. They cooked up the idea of bringing people of different communities together. Thus the idea of organising a communal Sahr came to their mind.

To achieve the goal word was spread at all the masajid and madrasas in Borabanda that a hot wholesome meal will be served next to the mosque opposite Fasihuddin residence every morning.

Deputy Mayor said that his old classmate, Naveen Rao helped him a lot. Some helped with space and material while the likes of Shiva, a computer operator with GHMC or Ashraf, a driver in the protocol department, are among the foot soldiers who make the Sahr proceed without any hiccups.