Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Muslims are the king makers in UP elections

Hyderabad: Communal Harmony which is the mark of identification of Indian culture will keep BJP away from assuming power in UP elections. It is also likely that “Intolerance situation” which erupted before Bihar elections might also be replicated in UP. After reading the writings on the wall, BJP has started making attempts to make the situation more complex. It is engaged in hatching conspiracies to divide secular votes. Congress is silently observing this situation and it is busy in formulating its strategy. Only Congress can pose a threat to the conspiracies of BJP in UP elections. BJP is concentrating on targeting only Rahul Gandhi and it is threatening SP and BSP by using CBI. Mulayam Singh is forced to repeat that “All is Well” in UP but the ground realities are quite different. In the same manner, the internal rifts of BSP have not yet been exposed. This party is not satisfactory with the present situation. Both these parties depend on 22% Dalit votes and 18% Muslim votes. Earlier, the votes of higher castes of the Hindus used to be polled in favour of both these parties. Congress, being the national party has considerable influence in UP but despite this it cannot think of assuming power in UP due to the presence of SP and BSP. In the present context, Congress can benefit through its strategy which is helpful in influencing the dalit and Muslim sectors. Dalit Muslim unity which used to support either SP or BSP is in a state of confusion as to who should be supported. SP due to its family feuds and BSP due to its internal disputes are not in a position to muster support from the secular electorate. In such a situation Muslim votes in UP are very important. Religious and political parties of UP have become active to foil the efforts of communal elements to divide secular votes. These organizations believe that it would be a wise decision if these secular votes are exercised in favour of Congress. In case, Dalit Muslim votes are shattered, its benefit would go to BJP. Seeing the failure of conspiracies, BJP has opened up a new front to win elections in UP. Issues like communal riots of Muzaffar Nagar, Killing of Akhlaq, Triple Talaq and other issues are being raised but BJP is not prepared to talk on these issues seriously. The issue of bifurcation of UP has been pending for the past so many years but BJP is silent on this issue. The backwardness of UP and the migration of the people of the State are also serious issues but BJP is again silent on these issues also. BJP is not in a position to say on the controversial issues which are going on between BJP led Maharastra Govt. and Shiva Seena and MNS. On the incidents of humiliation of the natives of UP in Maharashtra, BJP is silent. Congress is engaged in covering all such issues. BJP is presuming that with the split in SP, its political rival has been weakened but the political observers who are closely watching the ground realities in UP assumed that by creating troubles in SP, BJP has given an opportunity to Congress to consolidate its position. It has shown the way to the people of UP to consider seriously the third alternative leaving aside SP and BJP.

It is the responsibility of the Congress to formulate the strategy to muster support of the Muslims and Dalits who are vexed up with the attitudes of both SP and BSP. It should also inform the public that BJP has set a target of 285+ Assembly seats in UP. After the internal disputes of SP, the credibility of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and Ram Gopal Yadav has also been tarnished. They do not enjoy the same status which they had earlier. The younger generation is likely to support Congress in UP.

–Siasat News