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Muslims of Maharashtra have become aware of vote-splitters

Muslims of Maharashtra have become aware of vote-splitters

Hyderabad: Muslims of Maharashtra are awakening from the trance of MIM and MIM leaders especially those belonging to Maharashtra state, district presidents and top leaders have begun sensing it. Campaign of 2 MIM MLA and several leaders in favour of MIM candidates in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) bye-polls proved futile and MIM candidate Mrs. Shahnaz Begum was defeated by Nationalist Congress Party candidate Mrs. Parveen Qaiser Khan in Budilane Kabadipura by 316 votes. Although MIM MLA Mr. Imtiyaz Jaleel represents Aurangabad assembly constituency still the defeat of MIM candidate proves the decreasing popularity of MIM.

According to reliable sources several MIM leaders are either joining Congress or making efforts to meet Congress and NCP leaders. This also indicates that the popularity of MIM is on decline in Maharashtra. Besides people have become watchful, following alleged MIM support to BJP during Bihar elections and Bangalore municipal elections. Grand Alliance had alleged that MIM had fielded the candidate to benefit BJP. MIM’s image also affected after BJP MLA of Gujarat Mr. Yatin Oza revealed BJP-MIM secret pact in his letter.

Local people of Aurangabad have to say that the initial popularity of MIM was basically due to the religious sentiments but within two years the performance of elected representatives exposed the fact that the problems are not solved through emotional slogans and speeches on the other hand they worsen the problems and now the Maharashtra people have understood this fact.

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