Muslims protest against China’s ban on Ramadan fasting

Muslims protest against China’s ban on Ramadan fasting

Lucknow: Scores of Muslims in Lucknow took to the streets on Tuesday, to protest against the Chinese government’s ban on fasting during Ramadan in Muslim-majority Xinjiang province.

“If China doesn’t remove the restrictions within one – two days, we will burn all Chinese items imported to India. I am sure our traders will support us and not sell any Chinese product here,” said a protestor.

The protestors also burnt effigies of Chinese President Xi Jinping and raised slogans against the restriction.

“The Chinese government’s decision to ban Roza is an injustice to all Muslims around the world. The government should revoke this order immediately,” said another protestor.

The Chinese authorities had earlier on Monday imposed restrictions on the ten million Muslim community in Xinjiang, preventing them from practicing Roza, the

dawn-to- dusk fast observed for the entire holy month of Ramadan.

China has around 20 million Muslims spread throughout the country, only a portion of which are Uighur, a Turkic-language speaking group that calls Xinjiang home.

The ban on Roza came less than a week after the Chinese administration said there was no religious discrimination in Xinjiang and there would be no interference in Muslims observing Roza. (ANI)