Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Must watch: Unity is strength – George Galloway

London: The renowned British politician, broadcaster, and writer George Galloway has once again made his point on divide and rule policy of the United States. While answering to a lady who posed question on the equating Saudi Arabia, Iran with the US.

Galloway said “Honestly madam, I don’t know how you can equate Iran with the united states or Iran with Saudi Arabia. In what way Iran is stopping the Arabs from uniting. The Arabs can unite anytime they like, but they don’t like, this is the problem. If I have one message which I have been trying to deliver for forty years, to Arab audiences, it is this, the only thing stopping you from uniting is you. The United States cannot control the streets of Brooklyn, the United States cannot pay its electricity bills, the United States cannot stop Lebanese people being together, the Lebanese being together with the Syrian, the Lebanese and Syrian being together with the Iraqi’s.

They cannot stop the Arabs from being together only the Arabs are stopping, the Arabs being together. As long as people sit in coffee shops, arguing, blaming the Hawaja, blaming the Turkish, blaming the British, blaming the Israeli, blaming the Saudi’s blaming the Iranian’s, you will always be divided, and as long as you will be divided you will be weak, and as long as you are weak they’ll steal your wealth. It is not rocket science, you don’t have to be Einstein to work it out. Unity is strength, if you could only stop thinking like Sunni and Shia, like Lebanese and Syrians, like left and right, like Maghribi or Levantine, if you could only stop thinking like that. You are 350million people, who speak the same language, you know in Europe, we speak 150 languages, you speak one language, with one god, Imagine the strength that you could have, if you came together, but as long as you are ready to sit and blame other people you will never be united, and as long as you are not united you will be divided and as long as you are divided, they’ll steal your things.

That’s why they are doing it. They don’t care if you are Sunni or Shia, listen Madam, in the Parliament in which I sit, there are 650 members, if I ask them one by one to define the difference between Sunni and Shia, non of them could do so, non of them, they don’t care if you are Sunni or Shia, they don’t care if you pray or fast, or make haj, they don’t care about Islam, they don’t care about religion, they just care about dividing you, they just care about making you fight against each other, as long as you are fighting each other, you are not fighting them, you are not fighting Israel, you are allowing them to steal your oil, steal your gas, steal your water, you are allowing them to rob you of that which God gave you.”