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Mystery blonde` recalls `night out` with Johnny Depp

Mystery blonde` recalls `night out` with Johnny Depp

Washington : Mystery Blonde Tina Deleuran who was reportedly spotted with Johnny Depp at a bar in Denmark, has opened up about her meeting with the actor at cafe Under Masken.

In a recent interview, the hair stylist said it was around 1.30 am and she was sitting and having a beer with her pals when she noticed the ‘Black Mass’ actor along with his group of friends there, adding that they all started talking and went outside with Depp, E! Online reports.

She continued that the actor had a bottle of champagne and shared it with them and he rolled out a cigarette and shared with her.

Deleuran also recalled that the 52-year-old actor was not very high on the drinks.

As far as Depp’s allegations are concerned, she said she didn’t know anything about it and neither the actor talked about it that night. (ANI)