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Narasimha Rao strengthened Hindutva forces, deserves Bharat Ratna – Subramanian Swamy

Hyderabad: BJP MP, Dr. Subramanian Swamy supported the move for awarding Bharat Ratna to former PM, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. He said that although, he was a Congress leader but he was a staunch Hindu. During his tenure as PM an affidavit was submitted in Supreme Court in which Govt. had declared that in future if any evidence is found about the existence of the temple, permission for the construction of Ram Mandir would be accorded.

When court assigned the job of excavation to archeologists, it was found that there existed a temple. On 6th December 1992, Narsimha Rao Govt. did not suspend Kalyan Singh Govt. immediately but provided an opportunity to install the idol of Ram and instructed that no permission would be given at that place for construction till court’s judgment is pronounced and the devotees could perform worship to lord Rama.

He was addressing a gathering of Virat Hindu Sangam in Hyderabad yesterday. He said that the Hindus of this country played a key role for the protection of Hindu religion. These days this sect is proceeding for the construction of the temple. He hoped that its construction would start soon. There are 40000 Masajid in India which were temples in the past. If the Muslims withdraw their claim from the Masajid of Mathura and Varasi, the Hindus are prepared to withdraw their claims of owning 40000 Masajid. The Hindus have told the Muslims that they would provide alternative land for the construction of Masjid in Ayodhya. Every man born in India is a Hindu since in the past, Moghals have forcibly converted the Hindus into the Muslims and their generations are now called Muslims.

He said that he would approach Supreme Court in July to request daily hearing of Babri Masjid case. He hoped that the decision would come in four months.

–Siasat News