NASA warned global warming is speeding up indicating the higher temperatures ever

, 1:13 PM IST

Washington: US Space agency, NASA warned that the globe is heating up faster than it was previously thought. Confirming that the last month was far and away the hottest February on record for the planet, NASA warned stating the above terms.

NASA data said a combination of a record strength El Niño event in the Pacific and human-caused global warming saw the Mercury rise upwards.

February saw a worldwide global average surface temperature of 1.35C above the 1950 to 1980 average. The previous warmest February was 1998 which was also during an El Niño event but it never reached the level seen this year. Increased carbon dioxide and other green house gases are said to be to blame.

They warn that 2016 is heading to become the warmest year on record. Some scientists say the NASA studies suggest global average temperatures are now the highest for any time in the last 4,000years.