Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Naxalite Movement likely to revoke against atrocities in BJP led States

Hyderabad: The victims in BJP led Governments are looking at other fronts. They are the victims of violence, murder and looting of the target of Naxalism. Does Maoist leadership want to take these victims on its side? The Movement against the atrocities of the higher castes against the lower castes are gaining momentum in various states. In the recent incidents of atrocities, there is unrest in the country but can these situations be helpful for revoking Naxalite Movement? It seems to be so. In BJP led Governments of Chhattisgarh, MP, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, Muslims, Dalits and farmers are being targeted. In MP, farmers are worried about the bullets whereas Muslims are vexed up with the slaughtering of animals. In these states, at border areas, the activities of Maoists have considerably increased. The Maoists are exhibiting their posters in these areas and they are also communicating messages through other sources. They are appealing to the victims to learn to respond to atrocities. If cruelty is not vanished, it will vanish the victim himself. A message is being conveyed to the victims to ensure justice for society.

It may be mentioned that the people residing in agency areas are the worst victims of these atrocities. Their lives are being put to trouble. In such a case, the younger generation could be exploited by the Naxalites. After finishing the effects of Naxalite Movement from Nallamalla Forests of A.P. and Telangana, Police has tightened its grip in all the agency areas. However, the Movement has plans to extend its activities in such states.

According to the reports of the experts, the recent activities of the Naxalites indicate that they have made plans to become active in urban areas also besides forest and rural areas. Security forces are perturbed with these activities of the Maoists and they have engaged themselves to find out ways and means to curb the activities of the Maoists.

–Siasat News