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Nayeem became don with the help of police

Hyderabad: Police played an important role in making Bhongir Nayeem a don. Nayeem worked as an encounter specialist sans uniform for the police to kill naxalites and their supporters. Nayeem’s mother and Civil liberties organisations have made these allegations against police.

Ex-Naxalite Nayeem was sent to Musheerabad jail on the charges of murder of Indian Police Service officer KS Vyas. There he met top naxal leaders Patel Sudhakar Reddy, M Balakrishna, Shakha Mori Appa Rao. Meanwhile he met a top police official on whose persuasion he became police informer and provided information to police about Naxalites. He allegedly killed many people including Beli Lalita, Karunakaran, Kankachari, Azam Ali, Purushottam and others.

According to reliable sources the police used to handover the naxalites detained during search operation to Nayeem for interrogation. Then Nayeem posing himself to be a police officer resorted to third degree method to extract information.

Nayeem enjoyed the backing of some police officials. According to reliable sources after being dispelled from naxal gang Nayeem had become enemy of naxalites and used to inform about the activities of naxalites. Nayeem was treated like a chief guest by the DSP and IG level police officers. He and his gang were involved in land settlements, real estate dealings. Thus Nayeem expanded his crime work with the help of police.

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