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Neem Hakeem Qatra-e-Jaan: Cancer doctor wrongly prescribed chemo

Neem Hakeem Qatra-e-Jaan: Cancer doctor wrongly prescribed chemo

Yorkshire: A mother of two from North East Lincolnshire was wrongfully prescribed chemotherapy treatments she did not need.

Jodi Huggett, 41-year-old was diagnosed with a bowel tumour and was given four sessions of chemotherapy unnecessarily.

Jodi when approaching her fifth treatment researched her condition and found out the chemo wasn’t needed.

Mrs. Huggett told The Daily Mail, “They told me chemotherapy never has and never will be proven to work on a tumour like the one I had and the only way it would have been required was for a palliative care patient, which I wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it when I found out it had all been completely unnecessary. It was heartbreaking.”

“I was on my knees following my operation and with my chemotherapy treatment. I was just about to go into my fifth cycle and I felt so poorly that I decided to look online into it myself,” she said.

She now took legal action against the Hull and East Trust, after discovering her chemotherapy treatment had been completely unnecessary.

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust has now agreed awarded her compensation settlement.

“The Trust has admitted breaching its duty of care towards Mrs Huggett for suggesting a form of treatment which was inappropriate in her particular circumstances. For this, we would like to offer Mrs Huggett our sincere apologies, and we can confirm that an out of court settlement has now been agreed,” says a spokesman the NHS Trust.