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New book ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ hits shelves

New book ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ hits shelves

New Delhi: New book on the shelf- ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams,’ written by Nilesh Rathode, offers an insider’s view into what goes on behind the glittering facade of corporate stardom.

‘ Destiny of Shattered Dreams,’ a contemporary fiction, is a tale of a brilliant young man’s meteoric rise in business.

While speaking to ANI on his debut novel, Nilesh, Chattered Financial Analyst by profession, said that he has been a writing enthusiast and is doing it for last 22-years.

The writer, who owns a firm that caters over two thousand personnel, takes his time out from the corporate world to indulge in literature, while travelling for work or after coming back from a hectic day.

“I have completed writing the book in 24 days. I wrote almost a chapter per day,” mentioned Nilesh while speaking to ANI.

The author is currently working on his second novel ‘The Emissary,’ which is set in the 1940’s in British India and Nazi Germany. The story draws a comparison between untouchability in India and anti-Semitism in Europe. (ANI)