New Pension Scheme of Central Govt. is disadvantageous – Com. Muthu Sundaram

Hyderabad: Chairman of National Employees’ Union, Com. Muthu Sundaram alleged that Govt. of India is playing with the lives of its employees in the name of New Pension Scheme. Under this scheme, pension contribution is deducted from the salaries of the employees. In this manner, Govt. is depriving the employees of their legitimate rights.

He was addressing a seminar organized in connection with the proposed strike to be held on 2nd September. The seminar was held at the office of Telangana Gazette Officers’ Association, Hyderabad.

Com. Sundaram told that during the past two years, Central Govt. did not do anything good except benefiting the capitalists. He further told that the fast growing capitalists are disadvantageous to the working class. He informed that National Employees’ Union is struggling since 1991 for getting justice for the employees. He asserted that his union would continue to struggle for getting justice for the employees.

He heavily criticized Modi Govt. that there is no hope any justice for the working class from this Govt. He alleged that Modi is narrowing the sphere of Govt. employees and promoting foreign investment. He predicted that India would face financial crisis in the future.

Mr. Devi Prasad, honorary President of Telangana NGOs Union extended his full support for the proposed strike of Central Govt. employees and assured that his Union would equally participate in the strike.

President of TNGOs, Mr. K. Ravindra Reddy, General Secretary, Mr. Abdul Hameed, Mr. S.M. Husaini Mujeeb, Women President, Ms. Rachael also addressed the seminar.

–Siasat News