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New ‘Star Wars’ movie ‘Rogue One’ trailer out!


Washington : Trailer of the new ‘Star Wars’ movie ‘Rogue One’ has brought out new people, Felicity Jones and Aussie Ben Mendolhson.

The trailer starts with an introduction to Jyn Erso, a new female hero played by Felicity Jones, reports

“On your own from the age of 15, reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined. This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel,” said Jyn Erso who is shown fighting storm troopers before being told that she is to be sent on a mission.

The trailer also shows new characters such as Ben Mendolhson as a creepy villain and a mysterious cloaked figure, Y Tu Mama Tambien’s Diego Luna and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.

‘Rogue One’ follows resistance fighters who band together on a daring mission to steal plans for the Empire’s Death Star.

According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, ‘ Rogue One’ will be releasing this December.

He also added that they are in preproduction of the next one, for release in May of 2018. (ANI)

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