Thursday , August 24 2017

NHRC sends notices over mobile tower radiation

NHRC sends notices over mobile tower radiation

New Delhi: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have been issued notices by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for putting people’s Right to Health and Right to Life at risk by allowing mobile towers in close vicinity of human habitation.

The notices were issued after T.J. Mathai from Kottayam in Kerala moved NHRC, complaining the amount of radiation being emitted is hazardous to health. The ministries have been given two weeks time to respond.

The notices, to which the ministries have been asked to respond in two weeks, were filed on the back of a complaint that alleged “mobile phone towers, in the close vicinity of residential areas, are emitting radiations, hazardous to the health of human beings,” a statement by the NHRC said on Friday.

“It cannot be denied that today’s generation is living amongst mobile towers, digital cables, mobiles etc. The virtual world has encompassed every aspect of human life. In such a scenario, if the allegations levelled in the complaint are true, the Right to Health and Right to Life of a common man is under serious threat,” the release by the NHRC said.

The complainant raised several issues and illegalities around mobile phone towers in residential areas. He claimed the towers were emitting radiation beyond permissible limits, especially after the introduction of 3G and 4G services.

Globally, while some scientists believe mobile phone radiation is linked to chronic diseases like cancer, others claim there is no conclusive proof for the same.

An NHRC spokesperson said that further steps will be decided only after the ministries submit their reports. As there is a provision of fine by the government for violating rules of radiation, the Commission believes that the ministries should have details of all cell towers in the country and should be able to furnish within the given time.