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NIA failed to produce evidence against Muslim youths in Malegaon Blast Case

NIA failed to produce evidence against Muslim youths in Malegaon Blast Case

New Delhi: National Investigation Agency admitted before the court that it does not have any concrete proof against the nine Muslim youths about their involvement in Malegaon Bomb Blast Case.

It may be noted that before the investigation of NIA, ATS and CBI have already filed charge sheets. Before pronouncing any judgment, the confession statement of NIA would be taken into consideration. NIA’s advocate told that nine Muslim youths who were arrested in this case may get relief very soon. They have already spent more than 5 years behind the bars. At present they are on bail. The last hearing of Malegaon Bomb Blast case will be on 28th March.

It may be noted that on Friday, 8th September 2006, at 1:55 p.m. a series of four bomb blasts occurred near the masjid beside Hameedia Graveyard and Mushavirat Chowk. The masjid was full of Muslims who had assembled for Friday prayers. As soon as they raised their hands for prayer, bomb blasts took place which killed 32 innocent persons and left more than 350 injured. The needle of doubt was pointed at the Muslim youths and they were arrested even though the local Muslims and the arrested youths pleaded their innocence. Local police and ATS did not pay heed to their requests. This was the unique bomb blast which was investigated twice by local police, ATS and CBI. Later, the case was entrusted to NIA. ATS and CBI had submitted charge sheets in the court based on certain phone calls and a few statements. When NIA started investigations, secrets were exposed one by one. In 2008, a bomb was blast at Bhiku Chowk in which Sadhavi and her guru were taken into police custody along with Col. Purohit. When Swami Aseemanand’s statement was recorded, the investigating agencies got an opportunity to probe further. NIA did not oppose the bail petitions of nine Muslim youths at that time.

–Siasat News