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‘Nikah Guide’ in Roman English available at Siasat office

‘Nikah Guide’ in Roman English available at Siasat office

Hyderabad: At a time when the enemies of Islam are trying hard to change the Islamic law by way of enforcing Uniform Civil Code, every person of the community must stick to Shariah.

Maktaba Taleem-e-Balighan in collaboration with Siasat Daily has compiled a short and comprehensive book named ‘Nikah Guide’ in Roman English which is beneficial for every married couple. The book is equally beneficially for those who are about to marry.

The book comprises of virtues and blessings of Nikah, Islamic way of selection of spouse, Mehr, etiquettes of Nikah, Valima, rights of husband and wife, guidelines for happy married life, disadvantages of Talaq, Islamic way of reconciliation between husband and wife, Prophetic duas regarding Nikah, upbringing of children etc.

The book is available on concessional rate of Rs. 30 at Siasat office.

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