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Nikam should decide on credibility of Headley’s statement: Abu Jundal’s lawyer

Nikam should decide on credibility of Headley’s statement: Abu Jundal’s lawyer

Mumbai : Abdul Wahab Khan, the lawyer of Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal, on Saturday said that special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam should decide on the credibility of David Coleman Headley’s statement as he has alleged that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) did not record his statement in ‘exact’ words.

“He said that there was a women’s wing in the LeT. He was informed by Muzammil that Ishrat was a member of that. It is nowhere written in the NIA statement. It makes it clear that the NIA did not read out his statement. Now, it is up to the public prosecutor to decide on the credibility of his statement,” Khan told the media here.

“When Headley did not take my client Abu Jundal’s name, there is no point of asking him question on that. He said that the NIA officials did not read out a single statement to him. Now, question is will you trust someone who is making such a big accusation on the central agency,” he added.

Khan further stated that when Headley was cross-examined regarding Ishrat Jahan case, most of it was not there in the NIA statement.

Headley, earlier today, revealed that the NIA did not record his statement on the then LeT chief Muzammil Bhatt in his ‘exact’ words.

“Lakhvi introduced me to Muzammil Bhatt in 2006 as a top commander of LeT and told me that he has done Akshardham and Ishrat Jahan cases. Lakhvi told me about Ishrat Jahan case but I was having prior knowledge about Ishrat Jahan case through newspapers. The NIA has recorded my statement in different words what I told them. I never told NIA that Lakhvi introduced me to Muzammil as a top commander whose every big operation was a fail,” he said.

“I can’t explain why NIA did not record my statement in exact words. They never read out that statement to me after recording. How can I explain why someone else made a mistake. I didn’t tell NIA that Lakhvi sarcastically told me that Muzammil was a top commander whose operations were a failure. I told NIA that there was a women wing in LeT and Mother of Abu Aiman was the head of that,” he added. (ANI)