Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Nizamabad man’s body lying in Saudi Arabia morgue for 3 months

Hyderabad: Body of Polasa Santosh Kumar, who died 3 months ago, is still lying in a Saudi Arabian morgue. 33-year-old, Polasa Santosh Kumar, of Nizamabad, was working for the Al Majal Service Master Company at Jeddah. His death occurred on December 10, 2016, due to high fever, hypertension and heart failure. However his family claims that he never had any health problems earlier. Santosh Kumar went to Saudi Arabia in August 2016. He died within a few months of going to Saudi and his body is still there.

Santosh’s wife Polasa Bhavana (29) knows of her husband’s death, however his two sons, 5-year-old Ratan and 1-year-old Sidhesh, are not aware of that.

When Coalition of Overseas Telangana Association (COTA) president Bheem Reddy registered a complaint with the MADAD grievance cell about Santosh Kumar, he was informed that Santosh did not inform emigrate Services before going abroad.

Santosh’s family says they are not expecting any help from anyone but wants the body of Santosh to perform his last rites. Santosh’s wife is struggling with two small kids who are always asking for their father. Bhavana’s health is also deteriorating due to distress, said family sources.