No entrance test for beef eaters in EFLU

No entrance test for beef eaters in EFLU

Hyderabad: Eating Beef and participating in anti-social activities at English and Foreign Languages University campus has proved costly for the University students.

EFLU Professor Prakash Kona said “Previously, the university had passed an ordinance not to allow students involved in anti-university activities against whom disciplinary proceedings was pending to give entrance exam or take admission in the University. We decided to implement it very strictly from this year keeping in mind of the increasing number of anti-university activities.”

He added “Jalees is not only the student to have denied from getting hall ticket. Other student who has a sexual harassment case pending against him and another who had posted an offensive post on FB against the VC were also denied from getting hall tickets.”

On December 10th, when the students of OU had planned to conduct a beef festival, around 25 students from EFLU participated on their campus as an act of unity with them. Students had also posted their pics on the Facebook. Jalees was one among the 25 students . The EFLU administration took it very seriously as the Hyderabad High Court had passed an order confirming a lower court’s prohibitory order on the beef festival. Jalees Kodur, who had finished his MA Arabic had applied for Ph.D. Earlier week, when he went to collect his hall ticket for the Ph.D. entrance test, he was shocked to know that he was disqualified to give the exam because a police case was registered against him by the university in the OU Police station which was in pending.