Sunday , August 20 2017
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“No Helmet No Petrol” plan Bikers threaten to Call Bandh

The Telangana Two Wheeler Riders Association while expressing its strong protest over the implementation of “No Helmet, No Petrol” plan in Adilabad District from June 2 has threatened that they will call for a twin cities bandh if similar plan is implemented also in the capital city.


Mohd. Amanullah Khan, Convenor is a press statement pointed out that most of the two wheeler riders are not willing to wear helmets despite police action and hence, being helpless the government has made it a prestige issue so wants to implement “No Helmet, No Petrol” plan forcibly so that more and more helmets are sold in the market.  Besides, he said that the government has given a “free hand” for implementing the compulsory helmet rule on the pillion riders also.  Further, he said that “to drink liquor or not to, and to smoke or not to, the decision is left to an individual’s choice and there is no reason why similar freedom “to wear or not to wear helmet: option is left to an individual’s choice”.  He said that, “Since the health and wellbeing of other citizens in the society is not affected due to an individual’s choice of not wearing helmet, the Government may well review the rule”. Finally, he appealed to the two wheeler riders to oppose the compulsory helmet law tooth and nail.  (NSS)