Thursday , August 24 2017

No ‘intelligence failure’ behind 26/11, Pathankot attacks: Mumbai PC

No ‘intelligence failure’ behind 26/11, Pathankot attacks: Mumbai PC

Mumbai: Rubbishing reports that 26/11 Mumbai and Pathankot terror attacks were due to ‘intelligence failure’, Mumbai Police Commissioner Dattatray Padsalgikar has said coastal security was a major issue and called for ‘increased coastal surveillance’ to safeguard country’s ‘strategic assets’.

During ETV’s popular ‘The J C Show’, when the former Intelligence Bureau special director was asked by ETV News head Jagdeesh Chandra whether he felt that there was intelligence failure in 26/11 and Pathankote attack, Commissioner Padsalgikar said, “I don’t think so. Whatever information was available with intelligence was shared. But, it takes time to react at ground level and face the situation with full force.”

“The attackers came through sea route. So, coastal security is a major issue. Along with that we have to secure the iconic places. We are trying to secure these. We have increased coastal surveillance though coastal patrolling. Our ground reaction and protection of strategic assets are taken care of,” he added

Further reacting to 26/11 Mumbai terror attack operative David Coleman Headley’s explosive revelations during his deposition and the fact that he had recced several locations in Mumbai as part of planning the attack, Commissioner Padsalgikar said it is hard to suspect and keep tab of all the tourists visiting the country.

“He came as an American Citizen. Came in Business Visa. Many people come like this. It’s difficult to suspect all. As part of business issue, he had set up a type of travel agency here. So, it was felt as if he had come with genuine purpose,” he said.

In an explosive revelation during his cross examination in a Mumbai sessions court last month, Headley had expressed his vehement hatred for India, saying that ever since Indian planes bombed his school and people working there died during the India Pakistan war in 1971, he was looking for revenge which led to him joining the Lashkar-e-Taiba ( LeT). (ANI)