Wednesday , August 23 2017
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No Room for Male Chauvinism says Supreme Court

New Delhi: A three Judge Bench this Friday said a woman has equal an important rights in the society as a man has. Male chauvinism has no place in the society.

Considering the appeal filed by the Accused, convicted for the suicide of the girl because of his continuous harassment,the Supreme court confirmed the High Courts conviction.

The three Judge Bench of Justices Dipak Misra, A.M. Khanwilkar and Mohan M. Shantanagoudar said, “One is compelled to think and constrained to deliberate why the women in this country cannot be allowed to live in peace and lead a life that is empowered with a dignity and freedom. It has to be kept in mind that she has a right to life and entitled to love according to her choice”.

“She has an individual choice which has been legally recognized. It has to be socially respected. No one can compel a woman to love. She has the absolute right to reject”.

They expressed saying, “We are at pains to state that in a civilized society eve-teasing is causing harassment to women in educational institutions, public places, parks, railways stations and other public places which only go to show that requisite sense of respect for woman has not been socially cultivated”.

Justice Dipak Misra observed that woman enjoys as much equality under Article 14 of the Constitution as a man does. The right to live with dignity as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution cannot be violated by indulging in objectionable acts of harassment.

The Court observed that in a civilized society male chauvinism has no room.

“The Constitution of India confers the affirmative rights on women and the said rights are perceptible from Article 15 of the Constitution. When the right is conferred under the Constitution, it has to be understood that there is no condescendation”.

The Court made it clear that no matter what, men have to respect a woman’s dignity and her freedom as given by the constitution saying, “Egoism must succumb to law. Equality has to be regarded as the summum bonum of the constitutional principle in this context. The instant case portrays the deplorable depravity of the appellant that has led to a heart breaking situation for a young girl who has been compelled to put an end to her life”.

The Bench confirmed the High Court’s Judgment sentencing the accuse to 7 years of rigorous imprisonment any a fine of Rs.10,000 as reported Livelaw.