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Noida to get its first Nari Niketan facility

Noida to get its first Nari Niketan facility

New Delhi : Noida will soon have its own Nari Niketan-cum-correction centre for juveniles, it has been reported.

The Noida Authority has commenced the construction of the building, which is designed to consist of three floors and a basement, in Sector-34, Noida.

The size of the facility is estimated to be around 3540 sq meters, with each floor measuring to 767.35 sq. meters.

The facility, which will be functional by this April, aims to help homeless and widowed women, women in danger, unmarried mothers and women in crisis, who need a stable home to live in. It will also house children, both boys and girls.

“This facility will provide a safe home for women and children who have gone through harsh times and are in need of a home” says Mr. Saumya Srivastava, the Deputy C.E.O of the Noida Authority.

The blueprints revealed the ground floor to have various facilities such as a dining hall, a recreation and television room, two bed rooms, a living room, a warden office and room, kitchen, a juvenile board, store, fire control room, C.C.T.V. camera surveillance room, an entrance lobby, a toilet block for males and females, a counseling room and more.

The first floor is planned to consist of three dormitories, a library, a workshop, first-aid room, two class rooms and a toilet block. The second floor will have six dormitories, three toilet blocks, a recreation and television room and a house keeping store.

The project, which will finish construction by 31st May, 2016, is designed to house around 50 women and 50 juveniles and the total cost of the facility is approximately Rs. 600 lakhs. (ANI)