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Non-recruitment of govt. staff puts Minority Residential Schools in jeopardy

Non-recruitment of govt. staff puts Minority Residential Schools in jeopardy

Telangana government has decided to begin 71 English Medium Minority Residential Schools from June this year, however the society responsible to establish schools is sailing through troubled waters even before the inception of the schools. Thus lack of interest on the part of government and inexperienced persons in Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society have created hurdles in implementation of the scheme. On one side government wants to start 71 minority schools from June but no recruitment is made on the sanctioned posts so far. Society has not set up a separate office and is working at the office of Minority Finance Corporation.

Director General Anti Corruption Bureau A K Khan who is the Vice chairman of the society ensured identification of the buildings and is striving for the success of the scheme with utmost sincerity and enthusiasm however staff crunch is creating hurdles in the progress of the scheme. Managing Director Finance Corporation Shafiullah has been appointed secretary of the society however he has failed to shoulder the responsibility of both the institutions at a time. Presently NGOs and their representatives hold sway over the society who do not have any experience in this regard.

To make the matters worse a close associate of Secretary Minority Welfare and Managing Director Minority Finance Corporation is striving hard to disrupt the atmosphere of the society. After the application to restore his services in Finance Corporation was rejected by the chief minister, he has been appointed OSD in the society. The said officer is not competent enough to write notes on government files or prepare files. He is just trying to boss around representatives of NGOs which has irked the latter. Several persons have refused to work under the controversial personality and left home.

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