Friday , August 18 2017
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It is not possible to make TS cashless – Shabbir

Hyderabad: Leader of Opposition of Congress to Telangana Legislative Council, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir told that the decision of KCR cabinet to make Telangana State Cashless is not practical. He further told that in 90% villages there are no banks and no internet facilities. Out of 4 crore population of TS, only 88 lakh people have bank accounts. By announcing demonetization policy, Mr. Narendra Modi admitted the entire nation into ICU and at the interval of every two hours, people are being harassed by issuing “Health bulletin”.

Mr. Shabbir was addressing a press conference in Telangana Assembly and said that the decisions taken by TRS cabinet two days back are not practicable. He also told that at present only 60% ATMs are functional in Hyderabad. In Telangana State, out of 10559 villages, only 1098 villages have banks. In Telangana State, 5212 banks and they have branches. There are only 1186 branches in rural areas where no internet facility is available. In the adjoining 1196 areas of the city, there are 674 metro cities where there are only 1526 branches of the banks. He informed that there are 10036 ATMs in entire state, out of which 90% are in Urban areas and that too in Hyderabad City only. Only 60% of them are working. KCR is cheating by claiming that he would make Telangana State cashless. He condemned the blame for alleging Congress for black money and said that in order to divert attention from the failures of the Govt., such propaganda is being made. He challenged PM Modi and CM KCR to take action against any Congress leaders who is involved in black money transactions. He also told that Congress is a 133 year old political party but it has no office of its own. In Hyderabad, Congress Party is functioning in a rented building of Gandhi Bhavan Trust. Congress party has no TV channel or any newspaper whereas within a decade, TRS constructed its own office, started a TV channel and published a Telugu newspaper. It is also planning to release an English newspaper.

–Siasat News