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Not Again! Yogi’s Hospital Visit: Coolers brought on rent

“Because he came, we got air coolers for a bit and we could relax. It must have been to please Yogi”

ALLAHABAD: Though Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath directed his officials not to make any special arrangements for his visits, a government hospital in Allahabad went against his orders and installed temporary air coolers in the ward.
Wonder what punishment will be imposed for defying the rules.
But, the advent of this disobedience was that the tormented patients got temporary relief from heat.
Around 20 air coolers were reportedly hired for the Chief Minister’s visit to the Swaroop Rani Nehru hospital in Allahabad on Sunday. Yogi Adityanath inspected the bone disease department which meant a cool environment for patients until his presence.

However, right after the chief minister went the coolers too went off. The sight of the coolers being carted away in rickshaws was caught on camera by a local photographer.

The air coolers were hired from a local tent house according to the inquiry.

“Because he came, we got air coolers for a bit and we could relax. The coolers came in on Saturday. It must have been to please Yogi Adityanath,” said Ajay Singh, the relative of a patient.

“In the extreme heat, air coolers are not a luxury but a necessity,” Mr Singh said

“We have about 75 to 80 coolers in the hospital. They are deployed in wards. Yesterday, just one or two coolers were not working and the technician in-charge of making arrangements for the chief minister’s visit offered to replace them. So we said yes. It is not true that we brought in over 20 coolers. I don’t know what the patients are saying, really, but it is not true,” said Dr Karunakar Dwivedi, Chief Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

Last month, when Yogi Adityanath visited the family of Prem Sagar — a Border Security Force man who was murdered and mutilated in Jammu and Kashmir, the administration had installed an air-conditioner, rolled out a carpet, placed a sofa and spread saffron-coloured towels. All of it was taken away the moment he left, the family said.