Thursday , August 24 2017
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Now you can browse Internet in domestic flights

Now you can browse Internet in domestic flights
Courtesy: DC

Hyderabad: Browsing internet will now be possible while domestic flying by the end of August, following clearance by the Director General of Civil Aviation.

About 70 airlines across the world provide internet services in flights but the Wi-Fi facility remains off whenever they fly into Indian airspace, reported DC.

The DGCA had sought the opinion of the Department of Telecommunications, to allow the internet in flights. The opinion was sent back by the department. It further said that it would have no problem but the DGCA must take precautions to avoid conflict between ATC signals and cell tower/satellite signals.

“Telecom operators provide data services based on circles like Telangana state and Karnataka. Internet service providers consider the same circles as their jurisdictions. We need to create a free circle for flyers,” the official had said.

An official from the civil aviation department said, “Jet Airways and SpiceJet will have the facility in the initial stages and it will be introduced on other flights by the second half of 2018.”