Thursday , August 24 2017
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Now you can’t fly with these bags at Dubai Airport

Now you can’t fly with these bags at Dubai Airport

DUBAI: Dubai Airport has made few new baggage rules to be followed by all the Dubai travelers. The rules are, no round bags, the bags must have flat surface, it should be not oversized and no irregular shaped bags. If your bag does not match the above rules, then you will have to transfer all you belonging into a box and have to pay for the box.

The new rules are introduced to prevent unnecessary luggage jams and deliver the luggage to the passengers on time. We don’t want to make our passengers suffer for their luggage.

What are the rules?
1. No round bags
2. No bags without flat surface
3. No irregular shaped bags
4. No oversized bags
5. Bags that do not meet the criterion will have to be repacked in boxes for a fee

The bags with no flat surfaces will be rejected at check-in valid from March 8, 2017. Dubai Airport has suggested all the airlines operating with in Dubai. The changes have been updated on its websites, mobile app and signage across the airport to bring into consciousness.

Dubai has one of the most advanced baggage system in the world. The thing matters us most is our passengers satisfaction, says authority of Dubai airport.