Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Now, Noida can register complaints at tap of its finger

New Delhi : Next time you want to register any civic complaints with the Noida authority, try their Citizen Charter mobile application, wherein you can submit your woes and track the status of your complaint.

The decision of having a digital platform for these services was made to ensure direct interaction between the citizens and the authority. It strives to improve the quality of service while assuring that there is no involvement of middlemen.

The portal of the Citizen Charter offers over 187 services from the departments of infrastructure, public health, building sanctions, housing, horticulture, civil work, sanitation and more.

The mobile app, Noida Citizen Charter, can be downloaded and accessed for free.

“A digital medium is a fast and effective way to communicate with the residents of Noida city. It makes the administration more simple, transparent and responsive,” said Mr. Saumya Srivastava, Deputy CEO of Noida Authority.

The digital platform makes it easier for Noida’s residents to directly communicate with the authority without the hassle of going to their office for lodging a complaint.

The response time to the complaint via the application is quicker and seamless. When a complaint is registered, the application automatically records the location, as well as the date and time of the submission.

Citizens are also given the option of attaching images to give a more detailed description of the issue. After the complaint has been submitted, the person receives an acknowledgment number to keep track of the lodged issue.

Sharad Ahluwalia, a resident of sector 19 who used the app to lodge a complaint of waste disposal in his locality, said “There was a lot of garbage that had been dumped on the street adjacent to my house. It smelled foul and attracted a horde of flies and maggots. I lodged a complaint from the mobile application and attached pictures along with it.”

He added, “The response of the authority was very quick. The officials came over in the next couple of hours to check the gravity of the situation. The garbage was properly disposed by the same evening and the area was sanitized the next morning.”

According to the charter, it is statutory for all the officials to respond to the applicant within the given time frame.

The digitization of government bodies for connecting with their citizens is a very potent way of smooth governance.

“Digital mediums are fast and work better than traditional mediums. The Citizen Charter application and website has enabled the citizens to reach out to us with credibility and assurance. Noida City has been leading in Online Service Delivery, and this application will ensure that we serve our citizens seamlessly and efficiently,” said CEO Rama Raman, Noida Authority.

Currently, the Citizen Charter App is only available on Google Playstore in android phones. According to Raman, the iOS version of the application will be launched soon. (ANI)