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Now, plan your perfect wedding with WedWise

Now, plan your perfect wedding with WedWise

New Delhi: One of India’s largest online wedding communities, WedWise, is revolutionizing the way brides and grooms are connecting with vendors for their weddings.

This community, which was started in May 2015, is taking the social media by storm as it’s a real time vendor recommendation platform directly from the people, who have used their services earlier.

“WedWise is an online advisory and discussion platform on Facebook with an effort to help people get ideas, discover new trends and book authentic and credible vendors, who are backed by customer delight to have a stress-free way of planning a perfect wedding. Indian wedding market is flooded with all sorts of wedding services & professionals but to find the one that fits an individual’s need and budget is always a task. This is where WEDWISE comes into play,” said Ginny Kohli, Founder and CEO, WedWise.

From Mom-N-Pop Boutiques to the A-listers, WedWise aims to explore and share the hidden and popular gems of every city with the help of its members in order to help people plan a perfect wedding.

Wedding experts, newlyweds and like-minded brides and grooms globally are invited to become a part of this community to showcase their work, share tips and discuss their expertise in the field.

Here, local vendors such as Trousseau packers, Gift box designers and wedding gifting solutions providers have got a platform to interact with their target customers.

WedWise TV is India’s first Wedding Infotainment YouTube Channel that is determined to create videos and visuals that not only tell a story, but also educate, inform and prepare to-be-weds about the challenges that follow the announcement.

With a series of videos centred on some of the major parts and issues regarding wedding planning, they aim to bridge the gap between experts and newcomers. (ANI)