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Nude monk Tarun Sagar hits back at Vishal Dadlani: ‘Dogs bark, elephant doesn’t look back’

Nude monk Tarun Sagar hits back at Vishal Dadlani: ‘Dogs bark, elephant doesn’t look back’

Revered Jain monk Tarun Sagar came under sharp criticism on social media for delivering his ‘kadve vachan’ address in Haryana legislative assembly. Several people questioned the rationale behind inviting a religious preacher and offering him a dais above the Governor to address the members of the House.

Twitterati also made personal attacks against the monk who appeared in nude. Among the critics of saint Tarun Sagar was musician Vishal Dadlani, who is known for his association with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Dadlani had shared an image titled ‘Monkery of Democracy’. He had further added a caption saying, “If you voted for these people, you are responsible for these absurd nonsense. No #AccheDin, just #NoKaccheDin.” Monk Tarun Sagar retaliated in a mild manner, saying that he is unaffected by such criticism. He used a popular analogy of moving elephant and barking dogs to score his point.

“It is an old norm of the world that every action would be criticised. But one has to do his work. You cannot stop due to such criticism. When elephant walks, the dogs begin barking. If the elephant looks back, the dogs run into different lanes. Where would the elephant search for him?” Tarun Sagar said while speaking to ABP News.

He further added, “I came to know about his criticism through the media. I have nothing to retaliate. Several great personalities have been spat on their faces, pelted with stones, thrown out of villages. Every living man is subjected to criticism… And even if he has said, he has every right to criticize me. That is one’s personal freedom, as enshrined in the constitution.”

Meanwhile, a complaint has been registered against Vishal Dadlani by Jain community members for insulting the monk.