Obama inaugurates national level cyber security action plan

Obama inaugurates national level cyber security action plan

On Tuesday Barack Obama unveiled a national action plan on Cyber security.
He reserved $19 billion for making efforts in cybersecurity which is a total of 35% increase from current reservation. $3 billion to modernize the computer systems used in government agencies.

Obama said in a column in the Wall Street Journal that it is no secret that too often government IT is like an Atari game in an Xbox world.

Obama said his plan would address both short-term and long-term threats, with the goal of providing every American a basic level of online security. This move arosed after disclosures of about 20 million federal employees, contractors and other major officials personal data was found to be leaked last year.

Obama said “These cyberthreats are among the most urgent dangers to America’s economic and national security”

He further added “That’s why, over the past seven years, we have boosted cybersecurity in government — including integrating and quickly sharing intelligence about cyberthreats — so we can act on threats even faster”