Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Offering dates won’t solve Muslims’ problems

Hyderabad: Even after Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao came to power, minorities especially Muslims did not benefited. Their condition didn’t improve nor was their economic backwardness removed. Their representation in government jobs also didn’t increase. Andhrite lobby in connivance with the so-called community sympathisers gobbled up Waqf properties worth lakhs of crores of rupees from which not even 1 pc could be restored.

KCR had promised to provide 12 pc reservations after coming to power and had also promised to restore illegally occupied Waqf properties. Chief Minister didn’t fulfil a single promise. No one is there to raise voice against injustice to Muslims as everyone has his own interest. The so-called Muslim leadership which claims to be Muslims’ sympathisers and claims to represent Muslims on every level is also silent on this issue. No one has guts to ask government when will it provide 12 reservations to Muslims in education and employment which KCR had promised during election campaign? Why MPs, MLAs and MLCs of the party are silent over this.

The so called Muslim leadership is also supporting the government without complaining in the least. They are only concerned about their personal interest and are least bothered about the community. The same was witnessed during the Iftar party hosted by Chief Minister. Muslims feel that arranging Iftar parties, distributing clothes among poor or offering dates would not serve the purpose. Problems are solved only through practical measures. What is the reason behind the silence of so called Muslim sympathisers? What are their weaknesses and interests which prevent them from effectively representing Muslims?