Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Old City fears outbreak of diseases with heaped garbage in Hyderabad

Garbage dumped in Makkah Masjid backyard

Hyderabad: The heaps of garbage and overflowing drains have made the residents fearful of an outbreak of diseases in the old city of Hyderabad. Residents here now hope the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to take immediate actions to address the matter.

Residents of Syed Ali Guda, Natraj Nagar, Ganga Bowlil and Ambedkar Nagar complain of foul smell emanating from overflowing drains. They also point out that the garbage has been mixed with stagnant rain water, is becoming a breeding ground for germs and mosquitoes, reports TOI.

“The surroundings have also become difficult to live in. My grandson has been hospitalised because of high fever. If the civic officials’ apathy continues, then water borne diseases may spread across the Old City,” said S Saber a local of the area.

Other residents from Syed Ali Guda also aired similar concerns – about bad roads and poor drainage system. “The civic authorities are well aware of the conditions here. We have registered multiple complaints with them. Overflowing drains compel us to stay indoors. The mosquito menace haunts us all night. Residents’ health here is being compromised,” said Nasreen Begum.

Ayesha Butul, a resident of Errakunta complained how garbage scattered around the area had not been cleaned for the last several weeks.
“Nobody bothers to hear our pleas. When it rains the streets get filled with water. Garbage is not cleaned for days together. If the trend continues, the GHMC officials may have to face public wrath,” she said.