Wednesday , August 23 2017
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One can hear prayers of all religions in India: M J Akbar

Jaipur: BJP MP M J Akbar today said India is the only country where on can hear prayers of all religions.

“My country is the only country where we can hear the Azan before dawn every morning followed by Hanuman temple bells, followed by prayers of Guru granth sahib and church. Nowhere else they are audible,” Akbar said at a session at counter-terrorism conference 2016 here.

“Sometime people say that they want to leave this country and go somewhere to live. I challenge them to go and hear the azan in Washington and come back and do a definitive report on this subject,” Akbar also the BJP spokesperson without naming any one said on the second day of the conference.

In reference to Indo-Pak relations, he said the conflict between both the countries is not about geography but about the “geography” of Kashmir in particular.

“India cannot abandon Kashmir precisely because it has Muslims. We must understand that Muslims are equally the citizen of India. I am a Muslim and the day you abandon Kashmir you betray me. We are not a two-nation theory but we are one-nation theory,” he said.

In the session titled ‘The Caliphate, Al Queda and Global Jihad’, Danie Pipes, President of Middle East Forum of USA said that the idea of Caliphate is ISIS ideology but it is underlying geopolitics that explains the rise of the terror groups.