Saturday , August 19 2017
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One Cheat arrested– Children Bank of India Notes

The city Police today arrested a person,   Yousuf Shaikh,  for  trying to cheat the  Allahabad Bank,  Malkajgiri Branch,  by depositing ‘Children Bank of India’ currency  notes  amounting to Rs.9.19 lakh, taking advantage of the similarity between these notes and the actual currency notes. .

The  bank cashier noticed this and informed the Manager, who complained to the Kushaiguda police.  The police reached the Bank  and  arrested the person.  Yousuf  went to the bank  in the morning to deposit the  cash.

The police officials said Yousuf  tried to deposit the notes that were printed with ‘Children’s Bank of India’ on them. The notes included 400 notes of new Rs 2,000 and 380 notes of new Rs 500. ​ Yousuf, who runs a stationery shop in nearby area, had opened the account in June, 2016. The Police are investigating the case. (NSS)