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One child dead, 2 injured in celebratory gunfire in Bihar’s Arrah

One child dead, 2 injured in celebratory gunfire in Bihar’s Arrah

Patna: A day after a teenage Delhi girl died during celebratory gunfire, another 10-year-old child from Bihar’s Arrah district was killed after being hit by a bullet during a celebratory firing at a wedding procession.

Ten-year-old boy shot dead and two others wounded when they stood on a balcony to watch a wedding procession and were hit by celebration gunfire in India, as reported dailymail.

The incident happened when the three youngsters went out on the balcony of the building in the city of Arrah in Bihar State, in eastern India.

According to reports, the children were watching the wedding procession from their balcony on the second floor when the firing took place and eventually the bullets struck them.

They were rushed to the hospital, after which one succumbed to the injuries and two are now being treated.

The firing of weapons into the air to celebrate weddings and other occasions is illegal in India but it is still widely practiced, often with fatal consequences.

News of the death of the ten-year-old boy caused a furious reaction from family members who accused the hospital staff of negligence.

The move prompted local politicians to call for tougher law enforcement on the firing of guns during wedding ceremonies and particularly to worsen the punishments for those who cause injuries, or death.

Last month horrifying footage emerged of the moment the father of a groom was shot dead during an Indian wedding when he was blasted in the head during gunfire celebrations.

Mansoor Patel was celebrating the marriage of his son Shekhar in India, when a guest accidentally shot him from just a few metres away.