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Open letter to ML Khattar on his Mewat ‘Rape Trivial Issue’ remark

Open letter to ML Khattar on his Mewat ‘Rape Trivial Issue’ remark

Let me start by congratulating you for successfully proving yourself worthy of the values that your nationalist party is known for.

By trivializing the rape of two Muslim girls (including a 14 year old) in your state by a bunch of RSS affiliates you have progressed leaps and bounds towards the objectives that your party is striving for since last two years at the national level.

The prime of those objectives is marginalization of Muslims and other minorities, followed by disregard for the ideals that make India and disregard for women in general.

By calling the cold blooded murders and rapes in name of cow protection a small issue you have diligently disposed Muslims of Haryana as second class citizens’ whose life and dignity are neither any of your concern nor are they worthy of being brought up at an occasion as glorious as the golden jubilee celebration of Haryana.

With your open disregard of this Muslim family’s tragedy you have leaped ahead of PM Modi who has so far used only silence and omission to sanction Muslim persecution at the hands of cow vigilantes.

It is amazing what lust for power can do to a person. It not only strips a person of basic humanity but also makes them miserably two-faced.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yogana flagged off by PM Modi has been one of your government’s favourite yoganas. You had also famously announced all women police stations in each district of Haryana. For all your dedication towards salvaging, educating and providing security to women, gang rape happens to be a trivial issue for you.

Unfortunate as it is, your utter lack of sympathy for rape victims and double standard on women’s issue is neither surprising nor unexpected.

Long before you came to occupy the CM’s chair you were a RSS pracharak. Your intellectual forefathers like M S Golwalkar and V.D Savarkar, are not known for secular values or women’s rights.

V.D Savarkar whom PM Modi had tribute to on his 132nd birth anniversary, and called him a ‘brave man’ has extensively justified the use of rape as a political tool in his book Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History.

It is the collective misfortune of all Indians (though many of us do not realise it) that our nation has landed in hands of those who had never participated in the freedom struggle, refused to hoist the national flag till recently and are now hell bent to shred the secular fabrics of this great nation.

With you obstinate dismissal of the Mewat incidence as a trivial matter you have not just rubbed salt on wounds of India’s Muslim community, you have also blatantly disregarded India’s constitutional ideals which uphold every citizens right to life and dignity.

A democratically elected people’s representative’s refusal to condemn the violation of these rights spells doom for the idea of India.

Mera desh badal raha hai. Beshak!

Courtesy: MM