Opening For Planning Manager in UAE

Opening For Planning Manager in UAE

Transguard Workforce Solutions
Dubai, UAE

The Role
We are currently seeking Planning Managers for a UAE-based construction company, preferably Indian Nationals with international experience. a brief job description is as below

The Construction Project Manager is assigned to the project sponsor to ensure that all relevant goals are met. The role is the most important throughout the whole building process as the Construction Project Manager has the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the build. Typically, they will work closely with Architects and engineers on a project

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

Planning – From the outset, it is the responsibility of the Construction PM to plan the build process, this means producing a critical path and understanding the timing of each stage. Following each phase of the project is essential to ensuring that the project is completed on time.

Resource Allocation – Any building project will need resources from bricks and mortar to tools and basic amenities. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to have an understanding of what these are and ensure they are available.

Staff Management – The Project Manager will be responsible for recruiting a team and allocating tasks to relevant managers. It may mean identifying suitable contractors who can complete the work. The important thing for the Construction Project Manager is understanding at which stage of the process each trade will need to be recruited.

Setting Benchmarks – An integral aspect of the ongoing monitoring of a project is setting benchmarks to monitor progress, this allows the project manager to identify whether or not the project is on target to finish on time and within budget.

Budget Management – The Project Manager is responsible for the financial planning and monitoring of the project. To avoid going over budget a PM should consider continually forecasting, keeping the team informed of forecasts and changes and managing the scope meticulously, so knowing the costs for unplanned construction work or resources and keeping that set-aside.

General skills:

Planning and Time Management – to ensure that projects are completed within set timeframes.
Resource Management – ensuring that equipment is available throughout the building project.
Financial and Budget Management – making sure that the project is completed within a financial budget.
Communication – arranging meetings and ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the project’s progress.
Delegation and Motivation – the Project Manager, will be responsible for ensuring that tasks are delegated effectively and staffs remain motivated to complete the project to a high standard.
General Construction – at times of uncertainty the project manager may be relied upon for his superior knowledge of the industry and specific problem

Minimum Qualifications

The Planning Manager usually possesses a master’s degree in planning or a closely related field and at least five years of experience in the planning profession. Three to four years of supervisory experience is often required. AICP certification preferred.

About the Company
Transguard Workforce Solutions delivers Professional Contract Staffing (also known as Employee Outsourcing) within the UAE.

Our Workforce Solutions include:

• Delivering Sourcing and Recruitment Solutions for Clients in need of identifying Contract or temporary Staff. • Providing a complete end to end Staffing Solution which includes Visa Sponsorship, HR Management, Employee Welfare & Payroll Services. • Transitioning Contract Staff from other staffing providers to Transguard while remaining compliant with UAE Labour and Immigration Laws.

Transguard Workforce Solutions currently employ over 1300+ Staff from over 70 different nationalities. Across the Group, we payroll over 48,000 employees monthly and provide 3 Year Immigration Visas.