Opening For Receptionist in Dubai

Opening For Receptionist in Dubai

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Role
• Greet all enquiries as outlined in the Library.
• Directing sales enquiries to the designated Manager, promptly and professionally. Aim 30 seconds within taking the call.
• WorkSmart Console set ups for enquiries and welcoming enquiries.
• Keep reception enquiry log update. Scan & email monthly to Head Office.
• Ensure adequate stock of Servcorp Profiles and Financial Benefits pages are at reception. N.B: English, Japanese, French profiles available (appropriate language given to the enquiry).

Reception (General)
• Professionally manage incoming calls. All calls to be answered within 4 rings.
• Ensure everyone stepping out of the lift and passing reception is greeted with a smile – friendly and professional.
• DO NOT FORGET VISITORS WAITING IN RECEPTION. Take action and follow up the client.
• Train clients on how they can manage their telephone moves update via Servcorp Online.
• Update reception screen as soon as advised of changes. If client is not able to attend to it via Servcorp Online. Obtain all programming requests in writing.

New Client Setup
• Accurately allocate phone numbers and phone set up for clients.
• Contact all new clients a week prior to their commencement date; introduce yourself as their new Receptionist. Go over their basic phone requirements and team names so all basic communication set ups are ready to go as soon as they arrive.
• Test all communication set ups.
• Record all first voicemails for new clients.
• Record all welcome messages for new clients.
• Perform new client receptionist welcome as outlined in the Library obtaining as much information as possible from the Manager and allocated PA before your client welcome. (Do not ask the client the same questions, share information with the Manager & P.A)
• Introducing clients to the communication system and its many features, such as voicemail, diversion off premises, conference calls, and interview box etc.

Daily Tasks
• Monitoring Boardroom, Meeting Room, Day Suite, overhead projector, videoconferencing and office bookings via OTIIS.
• Monitor all incoming and outgoing OneFax, couriers and deliveries. Date and time stamp. Notify clients immediately on arrival (via phone or leave voicemail message – Virtual clients follow their requests).
• Organize couriers
• Administer and record daily volume of incoming calls / high volume call response for all clients enter into OTIIS accordingly.
• Inform Manager immediately of any conflicts relating to work to be completed or tasks that cannot be done.
• Keep your Manager informed of all areas relating to your position and your clients (includes positive comments, complaints, work load etc.)
• Booking travel / hotel / theatre arrangements.
• Keeping the reception / secretarial area tidy.
• Be a team player and assist the rest of the team.
• Visit Manager at the end of each day to discuss your achievements.
• Liaison with Building Management in attending to air conditioning, lights and cleaning.

• Provide excellent customer service – aiming to exceed the client’s expectation by being efficient, accurate and helpful.
• Do not sit and wait for the client to ask for help. Be creative and offer suggestions on how you can assist their business.
• Maintain the highest level of confidentiality for Servcorp and every client.
• Understand client’s business to better assist the client.
• Assist clients with general requirements. Notify secretarial team of any secretarial work requested by a client.
• Maintain a professional and friendly rapport with clients. Do not cross the line and be too casual. Do not discuss anything that you would not publish in a Servcorp newsletter.
• Educate clients to use Servcorp Online, create bookings, data storage and other business services within Servcorp Online.
• Liaise with all office clients on a daily basis face to face and Virtual clients over the phone
• Look after Servcorp traveling clients.
• If you enter a client’s office throughout the day and they have an empty cup or glass always remove it on your way out.
• Providing tourist information about your city. (Have a current tourist map / events at reception.) A great receptionist will know what is happening in her city e.g. where the best restaurants are etc.

A fountain of information – knowing where to get anything in your city i.e.:
• Best restaurants (variety price range) including address and phone numbers
• Hotels / Serviced Apartments
• Stationery / printers
• Justice of the Peace for signing / witnessing documents.
• Theatre bookings
• Parking (permanent / casual options)
• Post Office – location / services available.

• Ensure there are pre-printed incoming fax pages and outgoing fax pages in your reception book.
• Keeping client and floor records up to date.
• Organizing security passes and office keys/keeping records up-to-date.
• Responsible for end of month collation of figures as allocated by Manager.
• Telephone directory listings.
• Always use OTIIS task timer, accurately.
• Understand the Servcorp Financial Benefits page and the benefits we provide our clients.
• Understand your T&S chargeable potential and strive to achieve this in providing 5 star service to our clients. Exceeding the client’s expectation – efficient, accurate and helpful.
• Attend team meetings, functions, networking events.

• Understand where T&S opportunities lie so as to achieve set targets and actively work towards these.
• If you are sick or running late you must call your Manager before commencement of business start time.
• Your keys must not be given to anyone. If a client would like their door opened, we require you to open it for them. If you misplaced your keys find them immediately, ask all the team, maybe one of them picked them up. If you do not find them within 2 hours, your Manager must be notified.
• Correct time and date stamp all incoming mail and correspondence through the day.
• If you enter a client’s office throughout the day and they have an empty cup or glass always remove it on your way out.

Manuals & Equipment
• Read the following sections and ensure you refer to the relevant Manuals for set up instructions:
• Unified Voicemail Messaging System
• WorkSmart Console
• Class of Service – Intercept / Non Intercept
• IP Phone System & Additional Services
• IP Phone Handset Features
• Handling communication system problems and faults and keeping the Manager informed at all times.
• Know how to efficiently log an IT support request.
• Aim to become Servcorp IT Services Administrator.
• Read ‘My Servcorp Manual’ on Servcorp Online and refer clients to this information if they ask pricing and/or about Servcorp Services.
• Stick to the Servcorp systems and frequently refer to the Library.
• Understand the capacity of Servcorp’s state-of-the-art equipment. Use your initiative and find out.
• Know and understand how to operate all equipment on the floor i.e.
• IP Phones
• TV
• Video conferencing
• Projector
• Ability to plug in laptop or computers into internet connection in the boardroom and display/project to screen
• All Boardroom audio equipment
• Kitchen equipment
• Photocopier
• Scanner
• Printers
• OneFax

• Speaks well and clearly.
• Articulate and be courteous to your clients.
• Bi-lingual in regions where required
• Good grammar, written and spoken, e.g. “Yes”, not “Yeah”
• Follow up. If anyone asks you to do something keep them informed of the outcome whether the task has been completed or it there is a delay. Communicate what action you have taken.

• Positive
• Confident
• Enthusiasm
• Friendly – great smile
• Open and approachable
• Honest & sincere
• Attitude: “The pleasure you get from life is equal to the ATTITUDE you put into it.”
• Working in a 5 star service environment means we need to be flexible.

Good work ethics
• Want to work and contribute
• Want to achieve
• Want to succeed
• Not a clock watcher
• Punctual

• High standard of personal presentation
• Positive Energy
• Open and approachable
• Bubbly and efficient

Customer service focused
• Always aim to provide a solution to every problem.
• Genuine desire to assist clients.
• Interest in client business and assisting them with solutions

• Works well under pressure
• Can multi-task
• Remain calm

• Confidentiality and discretion
• Sign your work with excellence. Get it right the first time.

• Initiative “a good Receptionist” anticipates what is required next and takes action.
• Aware of their surroundings, who’s walking by, who’s getting out of the lift.
• Each client may do things differently
• Varying work on a daily, weekly basis
• Add value

About the Company
At Servcorp, we believe in adding value to your business by exceeding expectations and giving attention to the little things. We strive for perfection and are committed to being the worlds best serviced office and virtual office provider.

Our team is efficient, proactive and takes action with a 24-hour turnaround policy. We believe in great service, a smile and taking a genuine interest in your business. This is built into the environment and culture at every Servcorp location.

Were always on the floor and at your door when you need us. If you are out of the office, we are also never more than a phone call away.

We pride ourselves on being the innovators in the serviced office and virtual office industry by developing technology driven solutions that benefit your business. Our overriding aim is to give you more time and money to spend on your business.