Opposition’s agenda is to impede Telangana development: Chief Whip

, 8:12 AM IST

Government’s Chief Whip Eshwar blamed opposition parties for working on the agenda of impeding development of Telangana. He said people will teach opposition parties a lesson.

Taking a dig at TDP and Congress for their movement against irrigation project, Eshwar said that Congress party leaders have been creating hurdles in the development of the state for the past two years. He claimed that lakhs of families are benefited by the welfare and developmental schemes of the government and people are very much aware of the benefits of those schemes.

Mr. Eshwar further said that the leaders who are making allegations regarding irregularities were themselves involved in various irregularities during Congress rule. Uttam Kumar Reddy, as Housing Minister, was involved in many irregularities. Jana Reddy, as Panchayat Raj minister, paid no attention towards agriculture department resulting in the loss of farmers. He reiterated that Congress leaders have no right to criticize on this issue.

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