Tuesday , August 22 2017
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A.P. Wakf Board formation: CM under pressure

Hyderabad: Govt. of A.P. has started preparations for the constitution of A.P. Wakf Board. Election Officer sent the file to Law Dept. to seek clarifications about the duration of Wakf Board and other matters.

It may be noted that Election Officer for A.P. Wakf Board was appointed 4 months back. He has already finalized the names of voters. He sent a report to the Govt. for the nomination of members according to Wakf Act.

It is reported that CM of A.P., Mr. Naidu is facing continuous pressure from Muslims leaders and organizations for the early constitution of A.P. Wakf Board so that Wakf properties could be protected.

It may be mentioned that many important Wakf properties are under the possession of leaders who are very close to Govt. It is understood that some of the TDP leaders and MLAs are against the formation of Wakf Board in which case they have to surrender wakf lands under their control. In such a situation, CM of A.P. Mr. Naidu is not in a position to take any decision quickly. Even after the appointment of Election Officer four months back, Govt. did not accord permission for starting election process. This itself is a proof that Govt. is facing pressure.

The tenure of office of Mr. Shaik Mohammed Iqbal ended a few months back but Govt. of A.P. under the pressure of mafia, delayed the extension of services of Mr. Iqbal. However, he has been appointed as Competent Authority of A.P. Wakf Board till 28th February 2017. If green signal is given by the Law Dept., the process of formation of Wakf Board could be started.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Iqbal had initiated action against some important TDP leaders and had issued notices for surrendering the illegal possessions. It has also come to be known that cases were registered with the police against such illegal possessors. Irritated with this action of Mr. Iqbal, some TDP leaders complained to Mr. Naidu which resulted in the delay of his reinstatement.

It may be mentioned that A.P. Wakf Board made an attempt to collect Rs. 40 crore more than Telangana Wakf Board during this period.

–Siasat News