Padma gets emotional with Aruna’s jibe; Harish asks Aruna to apologise or get suspended

Padma gets emotional with Aruna’s jibe; Harish asks Aruna to apologise or get suspended

Hyderabad: The Budget session of Telangana Assembly on Tuesday saw slugfest among the ruling party and Opposition as Congress member DK Aruna made some ‘derogatory’ remarks against Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy, in the chair, who had to get into tears.

DK Aruna’s comment that those without ‘manners’ are conducting the House, made Padma Devender Reddy to get into tears. When Padma Devender Reddy sought to know why the Congress member made such remarks, the House saw unruly situation.

Legislative Affairs Minister T Harish Rao time and again asked DK Aruna to tender an unconditional apology and withdraw her indecent remarks or face suspension. This prompted Leader of the Opposition K Jana Reddy, who denied that Aruna made such comments. Harish, who was not convinced with Jana Reddy’s appeal to continue the debate on demands by setting aside the issue, had repeatedly asked Aruna to tender apology. At one time, Harish warned that he would have to use Section 319 to suspend the Congress member if she fails to react properly.

Citing that Andhra Pradesh Assembly had suspended YSRCP MLA Roja for one year, Harish Rao stated that they would not do so and will certainly take serious action against Aruna. Jana Reddy’s intervention failed to convince the House and Harish said they will move a motion to suspend Aruna, a former minister. The Opposition got 1.18 hours to talk on issues while the ruling party got only 48 minutes, Harish said. He also said the former minister has to apologise in the House for losing tongue during previous sessions and the Congress member has to tender apology.

The House continued the business as Aruna finally gave her version that she did not make derogatory comments against the chair. “Harish Rao was  accusing me of making such allegations which are wrong”, she said and denied to have made any comments.

Earlier, Whip G Sunitha sought the chair to suspend DK Aruna for making such comments. (NSS)