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Pahlaj Nihalani: ‘Udta Punjab’ Cleared With 13 Cuts Under ‘A’category

Pahlaj Nihalani: ‘Udta Punjab’ Cleared With 13 Cuts Under ‘A’category

Bhopal: A division bench had concluded hearing arguments on the film Udta Punjab, a film on the drug menace and is expected to pass order in the case today.

Pahlaj Nihalani said on Sunday that the controversial drug-themed has been cleared with 13 cuts under the ‘A’ category, by censor board

He said.”We have today cleared Udta Punjab under A (restricted for adult audience) category after 13 cuts.”

The High Court told the CBFC that the multiplex audience is mature enough, and they should be allowed to see the film as everybody has a choice.

The CBFC lawyer informed the High Court during hearing that the words used in the songs of the film are very offensive, the scenes in the movie which have been asked to cut are very vulgar, the dialogue “zameen banjar to aulaad kanjar” is also very abusive and the dog, which has been named as Jackie Chan, is also objectionable. The High Court said the CBFC should only certify a film and not censor it.

Mr Nihalani said. “The CBFC’s job is now over. It is now up to the producer to go to the court or tribunal. We will implement the order.”

Mr Nihalani, who has been criticised by the film fraternity for his “dictatorial attitude” said, “Those who call me cheap are themselves ‘ghatia’ (lowly)”.

Mr Nihalani clarified that he never called himself a chamcha” (sycophant) of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“There is nothing wrong in admiring the Prime Minister. I never said (I am) achamcha,” he said.