Saturday , August 19 2017
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Pak, Afghan increase troops across Torkham

Islamabad: Pakistan and Afghanistan have increased their troops across the Torkham border after a Pakistani officer died in a clash between the two neighbours yesterday.

The Pakistan Army moved heavy weaponry and additional troops to the Afghan border on Monday night.

Dawn quoted a senior military official as saying the gate at Torkham will now be built at any cost.

“If someone tries to create hindrance in the process, the army will retaliate with full force,” he added.

The officer said the construction of this gate was agreed upon by both sides during a bilateral meeting.

The Afghan officials also confirmed of reinforcements along the border.

The main gates at Torkham, the most frequented official border crossing at the end of the Khyber Pass, stayed closed for the third day yesterday, leaving thousands stranded on both sides.

Both countries have summoned each other’s ambassador to register its protest at the violence.

Pakistan says it is building the gate to stop militants from crossing the border.

Firing between the two countries first broke out on Sunday after the Afghan forces prevented Pakistanis from constructing a gate at Torkham.

Afghanistan has blocked repeated attempts by Pakistan to build a fence on sections of the roughly 2,200-km-long frontier, rejecting the contours of the boundary. (ANI)