Pakistan aims nuke warheads at deterring India, dangerous for stability of both countries

, 10:05 AM IST

A congregational report sent to the U.S law makers warned that the nuclear development race between India and Pakistan would terribly harm the stability between both the countries.

The CRS prepared a report that “Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is designed to dissuade India from taking military action against the country.But eventually it increased its production facilities, deploying additional nuclear weapons, and new types of delivery vehicles”

The report also notes that “India also continues to expand its nuclear arsenal but since the report is about Pakistan, it focuses on the Pakistani nuclear programme.”

The Congregational Report Service (CRS) further warned “Islamabad’s expansion of its nuclear arsenal, development of new types of nuclear weapons, and adoption of a doctrine called full spectrum deterrence have led some observers to express concern about an increased risk of nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India,”

Since 2004 Pakistan has increased its nuclear security with a rapid pace. “A number of important initiatives, such as strengthened export control laws, improved personnel security, and international nuclear security cooperation programmes, have improved Pakistan’s nuclear security,” the report continued.

The report also showed some positive statements as “Both the US and Pakistani officials continue to express confidence in controls over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons”.