Pakistan teenager wrongly accused ‘blasphemy’ ‘doesn’t regret cutting off hand’

, 10:33 AM IST

Lahore: A Pakistani teenager who cut off his hand after a Muslim cleric wrongly accused him of blasphemy, says he does not regret his action.

Mohammad Anwar, a 15-year-old misheard the imam and raised his hand. Who asked who did not love the prophet Mohammed and did not believe in his teachings raise their hand.

The imam accused him of blasphemy in front of the whole congregation, to which Anwar responded by going home and cutting off his own hand, and then presented it to the cleric on a plate.

The admirers praised the boy’s “devotional” act have travelled to his village to meet him, but his cleric was arrested on Sunday, accusing him of using hate speech to incite violence and filing anti-terrorism charges against him.